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QmaXTech shall, at the timeshipments ONLY within Italian territory, in the short time the distribution will be extended to all EU countries.

Our shipments are made through various Express Couriers (BRT, TNT, DHL, SDA, GLS, Nexive, UPS), depending on the type of product to be shipped and relative location. At the time of shipment, the customer will be informed by email about the type of carrier that will make the delivery, with attached tracking to follow their shipment online.

You can choose when ordering the following delivery methods:
   - Express Courier (sending in 7/8 working days, delivery in 1/2 days)
   - Withdrawal by sending your courier
   - Withdrawal in our warehouse

Detailed description of each type of shipment:

Express Courier
Delivery by Express Courier, with delivery for the next day of departure (For Islands and other rare locations delivery is made in 2 days instead of 1)
The costs are to be considered Franco Italy, so the same for any location, including Sicily, Sardinia, smaller islands, Calabria and Venice area.

Retreat with your submission Courier
The customer may request the withdrawal of the goods at our warehouse by sending their own courier, in this case it is necessary to choose shipping method as "Retreat with your Courier delivery". The goods must be picked up by courier of your choice absolutely no later than 5 days after receipt of our mail indicates that the product "Ready for collection."

Pick up in our Warehouse
The retreat at our warehouse is possible and necessary to place the order online and choose shipping method as "Retreat in the Warehouse" once the product is disponbile for withdrawal, you will be notified by mail and you can come to withdraw your product/s during opening hours, for this see the "Contacts" section.
Note: Direct pick up in our warehouse must be made absolutely no later than 3 working days of receipt of our mail confirming the possibility of withdrawing the product/s, it is not possible to cancel an order once the product is ready for withdrawal.

Delivery time
 average dispatch time is 7 to 8 working days from receipt of order and paymentwhile delivery to the customer is the next day from the dispatch of Shippingin each case the customer will be notified by mailin the moment in which the shipment is started from our Logistics with consequent transmission of the tracking code and link to monitor their shipment.

For shipments to the islands and other locations (Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, Minor Islands, Puglia and Venice) delivery takes place in 2 days instead of 1

In certain sporadic cases, may be delays for reasons of force majeure and in any case did not depend on our will, should they occur, will not be possible to request cancellation of the order, up to a maximum of 10 working days in addition to those mentioned above. 

Shipping charges are shown when you insert one or more products in the cartthey vary according to weight and volumetric weight of the box containing the product/sthe type of shipping and the preferred location of delivery, to see it you just put in shopping cart the product/s of your interest and you will see immediately the different costs.
Note:  The costs shown are for Italy, excluding Islands, smaller Islands and Venice, to see the cost of these places you must first register to the site so that the system knows the location of delivery, registration is easy and free.

Tracking of shipments
Once the order has been shippedan email will be sent to the customer to inform him on Proof of postagethen will be sent a further email containing the tracking number and a link to the tracking of the same, to advise on delivery.

Receipt of
 goods by customer
The customerupon delivery of the goods, must check and verify the following:

That number of packages actually corresponds to that shown on our transport document.
The packaging is intact in all its partsespecially to check that the tape was not tampered with.

For any problem affixing the signature RECEIVED WITH RESERVE describing the reason directly on the delivery (eg accepted, subject to no neck to neck crushedbroken or crushed cardboardetc..). Remember that if you put his signature without challenging any obvious damage you lift the carrier from liability for damage during shipment.

Within three days of receipt of the materialwhile checking if they find some problems with hidden damagesend a registered letter to the courier and an copy to QmaXTech specifying the damage seen with the highest accuracy possible. It's good idea to keep all packaging, labels, marks the neck and whatever else may be useful to facilitate the rapid resolution of the problem

The demand for concealed damage will be dealt only to acceptance of the practice by the courier.

Important Warning:
In the event that during the control of the expedition are found inconsistencies between documents and material received or missing goods within 3 days of receipt of the shipment you must put ourselves aware of the issue by sending an e-mail at indicating the amount, the Part Number and description of the material received incorrectly in case of discrepancies to make fast our interventionWe also invite you to keep both the packaging labels that marks the neck to facilitate our auditsThen the Customer Care and the warehouse will be activated to make all necessary checks including:

Verification of packages and weights listed on the document and the product shipped.
Control of storage locations.
Product inventory located in the warehouse and verify any discrepancies.
Checking in stock picking listsshipping quality control and the detection of any serial number.
Security audits

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to cancel an order once its status is changed to "Preparation in progress" so please be advised that any request for cancellation must reach us before the order was put into preparation, this applies to any kind of payment the customer has chosen.

For any other information about our expeditions you can write an email to:


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