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To private customers will be issued a TAX receipt, while to owner of VAT number, of course the invoice.
The invoice, upon request, is possible make it also to private customers with his Fiscal Code, but the request must reach us absolutely before issuing the receipt, which is created as soon as the order was delivered.
It will no longer be possible to request an invoice if it is already the receipt was issued.
The invoices are created usually after about 4/5 days from when the order is set to "Delivered" and sent to the customer via email in PDF format, while Receipts are available on the website once the order has been delivered.
If the customer requires sending by ordinary post, please notify us no later than 2 days from delivery of the order.

 accepted are as follows:

Bank Transfer
Credit Card (via PagOnline by Unicredit Banca SpA, no commission charged)
Postal Order (Additional cost of 6,00 Euro, effective cost of this payment method)
Postal Giro (Postal transfer)
Cash Payment at our headquarters (only for pick-up at our office) 

Details of each method:

Payment by bank transfer in advance
In case of bank transfer the customer agrees to make such transfer no later than 2 days after forwarding the proper order, after 2 days and nothing getting the order will be automatically deleted, also in the field of causal of the Bank Transfer you must enter the reference of the order number that is contained in the order confirmation email sent after the completion of the same. Also please send email to the relevant accounting to accelerate as much as possible to order fulfillment.

The Bank coordinates are as follows:
Bank: Unicredit SPA
 A&S Informatica 

IBAN: IT20L0200870371000104590299

The order will be shipped in about 7/8 working days from receipt of payment or receipt of Accounting (when and if possible) showing clear the relative number of CRO.

Credit Card (via PagOnline by Unicredit Banca SpA)
Payment by credit card is done on secure servers of Unicredit Banca SpA, which allow a total security of the transaction, because the data entered by the customer, including the number of credit Card are encrypted using 256 Bit SSL protocols, and in any case the data displayed nor shall it from us and also by the Credit institute mentioned above.
To all holders of Credit cards, on which was activated Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure Code, you should keep on hand the password that this payment service require at the time, if the customer has not, or do not remember the password, you can not complete the transaction.
The cost of this type of payment is completely free, no fee will be applied.

Postal Order
You can also pay your order by Postal Order, in this case there is a surcharge of 6.00 Euro VAT included (actual cost of the Postal order), once the Postal order is made, since it takes at least 4/5gg before it is credited to our account, we strongly recommend that you send, at the mail, copy of the receipt of the same, so we can put in preparation your order as quickly as possible.

The coordinates for the Postal Order are the following:

Holder: A&S Informatica
Address: Via Pistoiese, 615/P - 59100 - Prato (PO) - Italy

Postal Giro (Postal transfer)
For all owners of an account at the Italian Post Office SPA can be used the Giro Payment, then a transfer from your account to ours, operation that takes place in near real time, so once issued the account transfer, please inform us by sending copy of the receipt to email so as to accelerate as much as possible the preparation of the order.
The coordinates to perform the account transfer are the following:

Bank: Poste Italiane SPA
Beneficiary: A&S Informatica

Cash Payment at our headquarters (only for pick-up at our office)
In this case, your order must be paid to the withdrawal of the product at our office, of course, is valid only for those who choose the delivery method "Pick up in-store". We only accept cash for a maximum amount of Euro 2.999,99 inclusive of VAT.
PLEASE NOTE:> For orders over 500.00, a deposit of 30% is required, to be paid at our headquarter in cash or by wire transfer or recharge of our postpepay card.

After placing an order, the customer will be notified by mail when the product is available for collection, it is also possiible verify in real time the status of your order on the page "My orders" in the private section of the customer.

IMPORTANT: It is not possible to cancel/modify an order once its status is changed to "Preparation in progress" so please be advised that any request for cancellation must reach us before the order was put into preparation, this applies to any kind of payment the customer has chosen. 

For any other questions or concerns about payment methods you can write an email to: or call 0574 1590143


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